Employees of the Investigative Committee last week began conducting searches in the Central offices of Russian Railways, including the offices of top managers. This is with reference to two sources familiar with the situation, reports RBC.

According to them, the interest is related to the calculations of the company’s contractors with regional budgets for the period up to 2015, and the current employees of Russian Railways are not involved in the case.

Nevertheless, investigators came to the Deputy General Director — Director for internal control and audit Anatoly Chabunin, as well as to the Deputy head of Russian Railways, head of the Central Directorate of traffic management Pavel Ivanov.

The current head of Russian Railways, Oleg Belozerov, took over the company after the events that interest investigators. However, he was outraged by the searches, and in the near future he intends to address the Chairman of the TFR Alexander Bastrykin. Belozerov believes that the investigative measures were carried out in excess of authority and undermine the company’s authority.

The publication’s interlocutors did not name the exact details of the case. It is also unknown which regions contracts attracted the attention of investigators five years later.

Before Belozerov took over as head of Russian Railways, the company was managed by Vladimir Yakunin for ten years. After his resignation, he was accused of involvement in violations of antitrust and anti-corruption laws and the creation of a network of offshore companies. He denied the charges.