President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko ordered the military command of the Republic to use “the harshest measures” to defend the territorial integrity of the state. This is reported by Sputnik.

So, when visiting the training ground near Grodno, the country’s leader said that the scenario of color revolutions is used against Belarus, the peculiarity of which is the use of an external factor.

“Usually, they spin inside, overthrow the current government. But since the government is in place, it resists hard, and not only resists, but also controls the situation, an external factor has been involved, ” the President said.

Lukashenko assured that the opponents plan to disperse the forces of the Belarusian military, as well as distract people from the internal situation by straining the situation on the external border. “Military support is evident — the movement of NATO troops to the borders. They are all moving to drag the supposedly new President here, ” the President said, adding that if they bring in troops, the country can be put an end to.

On August 21, Lukashenko announced that they want to “cut off” Grodno from the country. According to him, the “mess” in Belarus was planned by the United States, and the Europeans “played along”with them. He is sure that a special center was created near Warsaw, and some Belarusians were paid or “screwed up”.

The President of Belarus also claims that the West has decided to “pull” the Republic to itself and create a “Baltic-black sea corridor “against Russia, a” cordon Sanitaire”, which includes the Baltic States and Ukraine. At the same time, Lukashenko assured that he has a full understanding with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin regarding the situation in the Republic.

Mass protests demanding new presidential elections are underway in Belarus for the second week. The demonstrations were harshly dispersed. The West criticized the actions of the Belarusian authorities.