Joe Biden has agreed to run for President of the United States as the candidate of the Democratic party. He said this at the party Congress in Milwaukee (Wisconsin), reports TASS.

“It is with great pride and humility that I accept the offer,” he said.

Biden also said that during his presidency, the country will overcome the “era of darkness”, RIA Novosti reports. “Give people light and they will find their way. The current President has plunged America into darkness for a long time. Here and now, I give you my word: if you trust me to be President, I will extract only the good from us, not the bad, and I will be an ally of light, not of darkness. It is time for us all to unite, and together we can and will overcome this era of darkness in America, ” the newly minted candidate said.

On August 11, Biden announced that he had selected Senator Harris as a Vice presidential candidate. According to him, she is a fearless fighter for the little man and one of the best public servants in the country.